In this series of video blogs, Aries Director Ian Neale looks at the future for pension provision in the UK – how it can be provided, what the economics are, and how we can encourage the necessary level of investment.
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Three "New Directions" for Future Pension Provision

Not since the Second World War has the future looked so unclear. It'll take a long while to recover but we're determined to Build Back Better. What direction should future pension provision take?

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Better Together: the way ahead for pensions

Master trusts have mushroomed in the past decade as employers looked for a cost-effective solution for auto-enrolment. Economies of scale make it possible for members to minimise charges while building their pots. But when it comes to spending their pension savings, there are no such economies.

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How are we going to invest for life?

While Government and Regulators are the main drivers for change, there's a real risk that trustees will tweak the wording of their Statement of Investment Principles and tick a box, job done: just another compliance exercise. But we simply can't allow that – ESG issues are financially material considerations and must be taken to heart! We're all pension scheme members.